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25 random things about me

So for my first blog post on, I thought I’d kick off with a little introduction (or reintroduction rather) of myself. It’s a long one so if you get to the end, thank you so much. PLUS, let me know if you can relate at all, I can’t be the only one with some quirks .

1. I’m addicted to Blogilates
My schedule can be super crazy so one thing I’ve started doing to help me start my day well is Cassie Ho’s ’Total Body Stretch’ or ‘Wake Up With Me’ pilates routine. It just helps me get my mind right so I can start my day on a positive note, and also gets my blood flowing and my limbs all stretched out. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comment box below.

2. I have a love/hate relationship with fitness
This doesn’t need a long commentary, you can check out my story on this here

3. I hate ironing
I think this is something I inherited from my mother, she probably hates it more than I do. I just can’t stand it, it’s so tedious. Like I’d rather leave my wrinkled shirt out on a hanger the night before in an airing cupboard or on my balcony with the hope that it will ‘naturally’ stretch out. This obviously never works unless its chiffon, and even then it still needs some heat. But yeah, I hate ironing.

4. I absolutely LOVE South African gospel music
So I was watching an episode of Deep & Meaningful on BET Africa and they were doing a focus on South African gospel singer Ntokozo Mbambo (had never heard of her until this episode) and they were showing clips of her husband performing, and mehnnnnn, her voice left me speechless! So I went to search for her on YouTube and explore her music, that’s how my love for South African gospel begun! If you’re interested, I have a worship playlist I created on YouTube so check out the beautiful SA gospel tracks and some of my other favourite worship songs here

5. I’m obsessed with candles
Yankee Candles, Ikea candles, Molton Brown candles, name it, I love it! Not just the smells (which are divine) but also for relaxation purposes. IT just helps me to wind down after a long and crazy day, helps me distress and find my zen. So if you want to put a HUGE smile on my face, get me candles
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6. I hate avocado
It’s just yucky to me, like blahhh. That’s all.

7. I can’t believe I’m about to be 30!
I still feel like a fake adult most of the time. So while I’m still getting used to this adulting thing, I’m actually being perceived as a full blown adult? How is that possible?! Anywho, 30 in December and I’m looking forward to hitting the big milestone.

mimi8. I’m developing a love for African prints
Rather I’ve always had a love for African prints, but from a far…so now I’ve actually started investing in more Ankara clothing and I’ve found an amazing designer in Abuja who fixes me up so now I have no excuse

9. My travel bucket list:
Rwanda, Cote D’Ivoire, South Africa, Kenya and Hungary

10. I’m aiming to live a life with purpose
We were all put on this Earth for a reason and to serve a purpose, especially as a child of God. So I can’t allow my time here to be wasted, I must ensure that every day and every minute is used well and effectively.

11. I’m determined and driven but trying to be more consistent
As you’ve probably already noticed if you’ve been following my blog and social media, I’m super driven and determined but also not very consistent. We all have flaws and that’s one of mine that I’m working hard to improve on so wish me luck guys.

12. I’m a stationary freak (Paperchase to be precise)
And as I’ve recently discovered that ASOS have fixed up on their international delivery services and I can get my packages before the due date direct to my door step in Nigeria, I’m still able to stock up on my Paperchase stationery so yayyyyy me!

13. I miss my Starbucks White Café Mocha
I really do!

Mimi 14. I’m married to my bestie and we’re about to celebrate our one-year anniversary
So grateful for the year I’ve had and who I’ve been blessed to share it with. There’s a post out on our first year of marriage so have a read ☺

15. Apparently I’m a good multitasker…
I of course feel I could do better in this area but according to several other people, I’m amazing at multitasking, guess life made me that way haha.

16. I’ve turned into quite a good cook
I may have inherited this from my mother who’s an amazing cook. But because she’d wake up at like 5am to do a huge cooking every week, I didn’t really take the time to learn from her. So I only started to learn how to cook when I was in university. My first pot of jollof rice was taught over the phone by mother, who stayed on the phone with me for the whole duration of the process lol. The internet was very useful too. Plus lots and lots of YouTube recipes, namely Sisi Yemmie and All Nigerian Recipes. And now, whenever people ask me where I learnt how to cook, obviously because they’re so impressed, they’re shocked at the response lol. So no, I didn’t grow up being some super amazing cook, I learnt later in life and I’m slowly becoming a master at it.

17. Top five strengths
According to Richard Step’s Strength Finder test, my top five strengths are: Innovation, Faith, Ambition, Integrity and Self Motivation. Take the test, it’s slightly long, but so useful especially for your own personal development.

18. I can watch Friends non stop
I just never get tired of watching Friends! I’ve watched every episode multiple times, I know most of the lines by heart but can still watch it over any other show…strange I know.


19. I’m 5”7.6 tall
Yes that ‘,6’ is very important to note. So when I was younger, I was made to feel like I was insanely tall, nothing less than 6 foot. I was the lanky one everywhere I went, until I added a bit of weight of course … So during PE one day in secondary school, measured each of us and I found out I was actually 5”8, felt a little better but I was still the ‘tall one’. Then one day in my early 20s, I was in Boots and decided to pay for that height, weight etc measure test, turns out I’m actually 5”7.6, which is technically not ‘that tall’. So yes, that ‘.6’ is important to note.

20. I love to motivate people
If you’re passionate about something and I see the potential in you to do it, I’ll instantly be your biggest cheerleader and constantly remind you that you’re capable of achieving your goal, even more than I’ll remind myself! Lol. Part of why I created this space, to motivate my readers , encourage them to see their potential and push them to break out of their comfort zones and do more.

21. I hate needles and taking medicine
I have to really mentally prepare myself for any sort of needle, whether it’s a piercing or an injection, and I still takes all of the little courage in me not to cry when I see the needle. As for medicine, does anyone actually like taking pills? I’m not abnormal for not liking to take medicine, surely. It’s so bad that when I wasn’t married, my mum or my then boyfriend would have to call to remind me to take my medicine at each interval…

22. I’m a natural leader apparently…
Something I’ve heard a lot recently and it makes me happy to hear that.

23. I read the Word before checking my emails or social media in the morning
It’s honestly something I’ve committed myself to doing. So I’m teaching myself to be more prayerful so for me it’s vital that before I delve into the world, I should delve into the Word before anything else and hear from God. Then as you read earlier, next comes blogilates.

24. More things I love:
a. Watching YouTube vlogs/videos
b. Reading
c. Interior décor

25. I’m all about progress
Which is how ‘Mimi Osa’ replaced ‘Ramblings Of Miss Mimi’ but of course you can read all about that here

Author: Mimi Osa

Mimi Osa is a Blogger, PR, Communications and Events Consultant & Freelance writer .

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2 thoughts on “25 random things about me

  1. Finally made it your new site girl, congrats! It’s been a long wait, the site looks great too. It’s also nice to know you better. I will be checking out your South African gospel playlist as I’m looking for new songs to listen to. I hate ironing too, like if I can avoid it I do. I actually noticed your love for candies somewhat and yeah girl you definitely know how to motive people, I remember your words of encouragement several times especially when I wanted to quit. I love friends too, I really want to get the entire season saved somewhere. The habit of talking to God first before anything is key, I’m working to get to that because my first reflex is my phone but that’s a horrible thing.
    Princess Audu

    1. Yayyyy! Thanks girl 🙂 I’ll always encourage because you’re amazing at what you do!Hope you’re able to find some new songs you like in my playlist, it’s a mix of all types of gospel 🙂 Once you get into the habit of talking to God before anything else, it will become second nature. Try and do it consecutively for about a week then you’ll be used to it xxx

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