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Gladys Williams – An Everyday Go-Getter

Introducing Everyday Go-Getters, a series where I feature and celebrate people each month who inspire me with their positive spirit, determination and tenacity. The ‘Everyday Go-Getter’ series is also an avenue for those featured  to inspire others with their journeys, success stories, tips  and lessons learnt.

This series kicks of with Miss Gladys Williams, one of the most driven and hardworking individuals I know, who strives for the best and effortlessly motivates all around her, with humility and grace :-). Of course I’m slightly biased as she’s one of my closest friends who I’ve known for nearly 16 years!

Anyway, enough from me, on to Gladys…

Introduce yourself to us – Tell us a bit about your background, what you do, what you studied etc.

I work for UBM in London as a Sales Excellence Manager. I studied business from secondary school through to uni. Even though I had a keen eye in fashion and textiles I ended up at Aston Business school, did my placement at Microsoft which pretty much kick-started my career. I also love all things property and interiors and can’t get enough of the Grand designs show – maybe one day I’ll build a grand design!

How did you decide what you wanted to do with your life?

Every time I thought about what my career would be when I was back in school, I had this vivid image of myself walking in an office, holding a folder or booklet close to my chest, wearing smart attire and managing my work with complete autonomy. I didn’t know how it would pan out but I guess I just worked that image into a reality.

What are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome (or are still overcoming) to get where you are?

I’d say keeping the faith and persevering when things weren’t working out the way I wanted, or as quickly as I needed it to. In my career nothing has come easily, and I always thought to myself “but why the grind? But then I think about the last challenge with work, be it a particular project I’m working on, or working across different time zones with different teams and cultures, or just taking a bold step when all the odds are against me just to get that break, the fact that I overcame that challenge means that this too shall pass.

Do you have any particular habits you have or do to keep you motivated every day?

I write a tactical plan (to do list) every day a strategic plan of 3 things to achieve each week, it keeps me focused and accountable.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My Mum and my Bible. My Mum is singlehandedly the hardest working person I know, in fact you should be interviewing her, and she’s the real go-getter. She’s prayerful, diligent, smart, always one step ahead, and spends all her time serving people through her ministry and charity.  She’s my inspiration and all I am and want to be is because of her. Secondly, my Bible. I love all things of God and it’s the best manual I have.

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How do you de-stress when things get a little crazy?

This is an easy one, I take time out (side, no matter how cold it is) It sounds so simple but it works! Then when I get back to my base I’m ready to continue. However,  for real stress busting I love to travel, my list is growing ever longer but it’s the time I’m really able to tune out of work and be fully present wherever in the world I am.

Gladys williams

How do you find that healthy ‘balance’ between work and life?

I believe whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. When I’m at work I get through things efficiently – someone I know introduced me to the term ‘time wasting expeditions’ and the beauty in avoiding them, so I do. I’ve learnt to prioritise, manage expectations and not bring work home which I’ve just realised makes me all the more productive. Then I have enough time to be with and enjoy being with the people I love. 

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What’s your favourite quote?

I have so many to choose from but my number one has to be “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall be added” (Matthew 6:33).

Any other tips on success you would like to share with my readers on?

You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m a Christian and hold my faith dearly. We all have gifts and talents and must use this in some way to benefit not only ourselves but our family, community, church, charitable organization. Success is like a self-perpetuating cycle, if you spread your gifts, resources and talents as wide as you can not expecting anything back, it will always find a way to come back to you.


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