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How to effectively rebrand

So as you may have noticed, my blog recently underwent a rebrand from Ramblings of Miss Mimi to Mimi Osa, something that was WELL overdue, but of course it was more than just a name change, it was something that I had to put a lot of thought into and really prepare for. Firstly, what was I trying to achieve with my new brand? What was wrong with the old brand? How do I want to be perceived with the new brand? Who is my audience or who do I want the audience to be and how can I target them? Figuring these things out made it easier to start the rebrand process and put a well thought out plan together.

Let’s rewind a little and start off with what it actually means to rebrand (because the meaning of the term tends to get lost depending on who you speak to). So let’s go with the experts; Laurent Muzellec describes rebranding as a “marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination […] is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, etc.

So like I said earlier, it was much more than a name change, it was a complete revamp. I had to think about what fonts best represented the new image I was creating (I spent weeks contemplating the spacing in a sans serif), the colours, the tone of language, the subject matters, the images used, the theme overall – every aspect of the blog was taken into consideration for the rebrand. So I thought I’d share a few tips on how to effectively rebrand:

  • Be clear on WHY you want to rebrand

Is it because of what’s currently trending?

Is it because you’ve seen other creatives which you are think are better than you?

That’s life and not a strong enough reason to change your whole image. There will always be seductive trends which catch your attention and if you’re quick to change your style anytime there’s a popular theme trending, you’re at risk of never having a strong brand identity, instead you’ll be seen as one out of many who never stand out of the crowd. Rather than changing up your whole image.



But if your brand as it is no longer speaks for who you are or want to be, if it’s EXTREMELY outdated, if you have a new vision for your brand image and what you want to achieve with it, if you feel completely disconnected with your brand as it currently is, and a rebrand is the only solution, then do it! It’s always important to have personal fulfilment so do what it takes to get there. It may even help if you list out the core reasons for your rebrand in a document or notepad to motivate you or help you stay on track if you lose focus…

  • Brand evolution versus what’s hot

So you’re on this new journey to personal fulfilment and you want to revamp your brand image. You have an idea of who you are now or what you want to be, and you most likely aren’t the first person already doing this, so while you’re looking at ways of how to create your new and stronger brand, why not have a look at what other successful people in your niche are doing to help you reposition yourself well? To stay on top of your game and make sure your brand stays relevant, you need to be in the know with industry trends and themes. Like I mentioned earlier, you’re not seeing one trend and completely changing your image, you already have strong enough reasons for rebranding, however you still need to stay informed to help you make the best choices when forming your new brand. Industry research should be done continuously, even after your rebrand.

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  • Dear brand diary

So you’ve decided to rebrand, meaning that you’ve decided on a new identity which should be very clear to not just your audience but yourself too. Brand identity is the face of a brand. A brand is an emotional and even philosophical concept, while brand identity is the visual component of a brand that represents those larger ideas. Your brand identity includes your logo, typography, colours, and messaging. Brand identity attracts new consumers to a brand while making existing consumers feel at home. It’s both outward and inward-facing. It’s what distinguishes you from others within your niche. So it’s essential that you create a clear brand identity. There’s soooo much more to say on creating a clear brand identity but that would be another post entirely which will come soon :-). But before we leave this topic, it’s important to note that once you have created your new brand identity, you need to document it. This can be in the form of a style guide basically listing out which fonts are to be used, the logos, colours with colour codes, imagery. This is not only useful for you but also for anyone you contract to do work with your brand to keep brand consistency. I’ll do a post on how to create your own brand style guide too so look out for that soon.

  • Update your digital assets

This is your social media handles, profile pictures, your email address, your website domain etc. Make sure it’s all in line with your new brand image.

  • Explain the rebrand to your audience

Social media is useful for a good lead up. Even if it’s little post hints with ‘Coming soon’, ‘A change is coming’, just a little teaser so it’s not unexpected. Explaining the rebrand is actually the simple part but also very vital as it shows that you’re not taking your existing audience for granted. This can be a simple blog post or youtube video explaining your transition, the reason for it and what you hope to achieve with the new brand.

  • Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

You’ve gone through this long process of rebranding, so now you need to commit to it. It deserves your time and effort and it’s the only way it will succeed. It would also help if you refer back to the notes you made in point one on why you chose to rebrand. You had a good reason to do it so work at it and trust that you made the right decision.

I have so much more to say on this and I’m also considering doing a youtube video on this in more detail and also a written guide so let me know in the comment section below if that’s something you’d be interested in seeing.

Have you recently rebranded? What tips would you share to effectively rebrand? Let us know in the comment section below, and remember to share this post with others who may be considering rebranding 🙂


Mimi Osa xxx

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