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Mimi Bartels – An Everyday Go-Getter

For the second issue of the Everyday Go-Getter series, you’ll be hearing from Mimi Bartels and getting her take on how she has successfully progressed in her career while balancing this with being a wife and finding her way in the world as a strong and successful woman. Now me asking Mimi (or namesake as I call her sometimes lol) to take part in this interview wasn’t random at all (even though she still doesn’t understand why I chose her lol), but because of how far I’ve seen her hard work and dedication to her passion take her in the past six years that I’ve known her; her diligent approach to work and life and her commitment to her success and that of others around her too (She sent back this interview in like two seconds). So pay attention as Mimi shares her journey, her inspiration and how she keeps it all together while being a super go-getter! You may just learn a thing or two (or ten!). Over to Mimi…

Introduce yourself to us – Tell us a bit about your background, what you do, what you studied etc.

My name is Mimi Bartels, I am an Asst. Operations Manager in FilmOne Distribution and Production, dare I say one of the fastest growing and largest distribution companies in West Africa. Working with other production companies, we are behind the production of such hits like The Wedding Party 1&2, ‘My Wife and I’ and handled distribution of Hollywood titles like Logan, Hitman’s Bodyguard, American Assassin and other hits. I handle three accounts including Nollywood releases. My job, in a nutshell, is to maximise the revenue of each title. Thing is, I actually majored in Economics and Finance in Liverpool John Moores University studying Business Admin (never thought I would end up in film).

How did you decide what you wanted to do with your life?

Haha. I didn’t decide anything. I spent many years trying to find what I enjoyed. I didn’t want to live life being a robot so I started my many career paths- Banking, Investment, Broadcasting, PR, Marketing and eventually ended in film. Now I find all I want to do is create content, I love the business of movies.

What are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome (or are still overcoming) to get where you are?

Being a woman must have been my biggest challenge. I didn’t even think that it was a thing to be honest, like you hear about it, see it in movies but when it happens to you… I’m still shocked. I was actually called a lesbian once because 1. I am in the film industry & 2. I didn’t accept sexual advances from business associates in exchange for favours. There was actually a guy who refused to take us seriously because my boss and I are both women; he actually said it in a public place (thankfully he was shut down by other men). It was in that moment that I understood that my biggest strength (being a woman) would also be the source of my biggest challenges. You are literally in a society that doesn’t value its women- the law isn’t even for us. I would never label myself a feminist though, I am just speaking on my experience. I inexplicably had to learn to talk like a man, understand football, cars, I even had to play wingman on a few occasions to my male bosses JUST to be heard. It’s been crazy,  it’s been challenging but … I love a challenge.

I honestly don’t work hard for the money, I work hard so I don’t look stupid; that is my biggest… Click To Tweet

Do you have any particular habits you have or do to keep you motivated every day?

I work with a to-do list. As simple as it sounds it’s actually not, as time management is a task in itself.

How I keep myself motivated actually sounds stupid but it works for me- I give myself treats. I tell myself once this is done I will get that frozen yoghurt/burger/shawarma I’ve been dreaming all day about, knowing that all I am going through now will fade away soon. “Just work hard at it and you will get a treat” – this is what I tell myself.

I honestly don’t work hard for the money, I work hard so I don’t look stupid; that is my biggest motivation.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inevitable success. Is that weird? I see what I can be and that woman inspires me.


How do you de-stress when things get a little crazy?

Music. Yep. That’s it, nothing special. I can go through the worst things as long as I have my earphones and also knowing that I have a husband at home who will hug me tight.

How do you find that healthy ‘balance’ between work and life?

Now this is very important. I simply disconnect. Once I pass my office gate, I don’t think about anything else, not my colleagues, work, nothing. I just fade. I also set boundaries. We have a rule in my house, I am not allowed to pick up the phone after 8pm; I did this out of respect for my husband. He married a workaholic but I had to tell myself- he comes first. He endures A LOT, he is tooo supportive, the husbands in my office hate him cause they say he is too supportive lol so when I come into the house, I leave my high powered life and become a wife. I connect my phone to charge and just relax. I also ask myself “how much do I get paid?” and if it is worth me being stressed this much 😀.

What’s your favourite quote?

“There’s no right or wrong, only opinion”.  Also sorry can I have two? “So we say with confidence,”The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” – two quotes that get me through the day- one teaches the constant need for education and another the need to be strong ’cause of the power behind you.

Any other tips on success you would like to share with my readers?

Do not be scared if you still haven’t found your feet, it took me 10 years and I am happy I took my time cause then I lived and didn’t pass through life… and guess what, I am still living.

Author: Mimi Osa

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  1. Great interview! As someone who has worked with Mimi, I must say she is a rare gift that keeps giving. Mimi is made for greatness! Not only does she strive for excellence in all she does but she is constantly helping others to find their purpose, I’m fortunate to count myself among those who have been blessed by her. Go Mimi, I see you at very top! You deserve only the best.

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